We, being a leading Newport locksmith, offer our services for both mobile and fixed properties in this suburb of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. We offer locking devices as well as execute locksmith services. Our professionals are experts in offering security devices for your vehicles, homes and furniture.

Our Services

We carry out several services for our customers, be they individual clients, small businesses or corporations. We provide around the clock service seven days of the week; name a time and we will be there, and you can be confident that we will do the job right every time.

Car and automobile locks – We install and maintain every kind of car and automobile lock. Be they mechanical locks or battery operated varieties; we are equally capable of maintaining and fitting them. Locks used are of latest technology and rigorously tested for their quality.

Deadlocks and Window locks – These are fitted to doors and windows of houses and other buildings such as warehouses, and office premises. Made from brass, steel or chromium, these locks last a lifetime and offer total security to your property.

Lockout service – This is perhaps the most demanded service ofNewport locksmith. Lockout could happen both outside your home or your motor car. This has become frequent after the widespread use of remote locks. It is not uncommon to leave our keys indoors and press doors of buildings or motor vehicles for locking. This can happen when you are in a hurry. A quick call to us would immediately solve your lock-out situation – and save a lot of embarrassment 😉

Broken keys – This is another uncommon problem that you might encounter at times. In a hurry, you might break your key if it is inserted in the wrong keyhole. Our experts would help you out of this situation by either extracting the incorrect key or by changing the lock entirely.

We also provide master key systems as part of Newport locksmith services in Australia.