We, as a premier Avalon locksmith, provide an array of locksmith services. We are a comprehensive lock service provider executing both fitment and maintenance for our loyal customers. As a responsible business organization, we feel it is mandatory for protecting your mobile and fixed properties against burglaries and theft. At the same time, we assist you when you are stuck outside your automobile or house.

Lockout Service – Lock outs are widespread, and usually occur outside homes or motor cars. In this busy day and age it is easy to forget to take your keys before leaving your property. This could happen for your car keys also. The problem is more in cases of remote keys as compared to mechanical types. Our experts are equally qualified at unlocking keys of both cars and homes.

Door locks and window locks – We install, repair and maintain all varieties of door and window locks used in houses, offices, shop rooms, and factory sheds. Mechanical locks are made from superior quality stainless steel, chromium, or brass. These locks could either be of conventional key system or operated with a numbered combination. Electrically operated locking systems could also be installed and serviced by us.

Car locks – Like door or window locks, car locks could also be mechanical or electronically operated. Avalon locksmith fit and take care of all such varieties of automobile locks. Locks installed are of the latest generation and are capable of lasting a lifetime if maintained to manufacturers standards.

Lock replacement – On certain occasions, a lock is required to be replaced, either because it gets damaged or worn out. Our team of professionals make such replacements immediately when demanded.

Duplicate keys – In instances where you lose your original key, our experts would make a duplicate key to keep locks functional at all times and situations.

Extraction of keys – There is every possibility of breaking a key inside a keyhole if they are not compatible. Our expert professionals could relieve you of such problems within minutes.

As a leading Avalon locksmith, we operate 24 hours a day on all days of a week.